International contracts

International contracts

We offer our customers security and support in global business transactions

• International Sales Contracts
• International Purchase Contracts
• International Agency Contracts
• International Distribution Contracts
• International Research and Development Contracts
• International Trademark Licensing Agreements and Know-How
• Joint Ventures
• International Transport Contracts

International contracts in detail…

The expertise of our law firm is fully expressed in the field of international contracts, offering our customers security and support in global business operations.

The key to success in international business operations lies in the solidity of contracts. Our law firm offers a distinctive service in the processing, review, and negotiation of international contracts.

In a changing global landscape, the proper management of international contracts is crucial to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities. Our legal team provides constant support, ensuring that every contractual phase is approached carefully and accurately.

Our distinctive competence in the field of international contracts is based on in-depth knowledge of the individual types of contract ranging from the General Conditions of Sale, also for the purposes of publication on corporate sites and in the context of e-commerce practices, Contracts for spot sales, as well as commercial brokerage contracts (Procurement of Business, Commercial Agency and Distribution), Know-How license agreement, trademark and patent, establishment of Joint Venture

  • Multidisciplinary Expertise: We combine legal, business and international expertise to offer a comprehensive service.
  • Legal Security: We guarantee a solid legal basis to protect the interests of our clients.
  • Personalized Assistance:Each contract is treated with personalized attention, reflecting the specific needs and objectives of the customer.