Adequate structure and business crisis

Adequate structure
business crisis

We help companies identify potential problems and develop solutions to prevent business crises. In case of crisis, the firm can provide judicial and out-of-court assistance to resolve disputes and help the company recover business continuity

• Advice on Appropriate Organizational Arrangements
• Preparation of the Appropriate Organizational Structure
• Analysis of Business Crisis
• Legal Assistance in Crisis Situations
• Advice on New Legislation

Adequate structure and business crisis in detail…

The Firm has gained many experiences in the field of adequate organizational, administrative and accounting structures, also with a view to preventing or adequately managing the crisis of the company. Professionals negotiate with debtors, experts, curators and creditors in order to safeguard the interest of the companies that assist and allow the timely recovery of debts, in Italy and abroad, they also take care of all the judicial steps relating to crisis procedures.

The key to success in preventing the crisis of the company is to equip itself with adequate organizational, administrative and accounting structures. The studio offers assistance in their construction, providing the experience of its professionals.

In a constantly evolving global landscape, it is crucial to take care of the correct contractualization to prevent and properly manage business crisis situations and fully protect your claims.

We guarantee our clients appropriate and up-to-date training and assistance in the field of appropriate organizational, administrative and accounting structures, aimed not only at the timely detection of any crisis signals, but also and above all to make more efficient and competitive management, organization and business strategies. We assist companies both as creditors and as debtors – both in Italy and abroad – in the procedures of negotiated resolution of crises, in debt restructuring, in concordats and judicial liquidations.

  • Multidisciplinary Expertise: We guarantee a solid legal basis to protect the interests of our clients.
  • Legal Security: Garantiamo una solida base giuridica per proteggere gli interessi dei nostri clienti.
  • Personalized Assistance: Each contract is treated with personalized attention, reflecting the specific needs and objectives of the customer.