Company Training

Business training

Training in contracts and international trade

• Russian sanctions
• International sales contracts
• Commercial agency and distribution contracts
• Methods of payment
• AAdaptation to the new legislation on appropriate organizational arrangements
• Carbon tax
• Food and wine labelling

Company Training in detail…

The firm offers training in contract and international trade for individual companies and business associations. During their career, the firm’s professionals have held numerous courses in the field of international purchasing and sales contracts, distribution networks and agency and international trade contracts and customs law, as well as major regulatory updates involving businesses. Finally, on sanctions to the Russian Federation, Carbon Tax, new customs regulationsi.

The key to success in the field of international trade is the proper training of the company staff, ready and prepared to handle negotiations and negotiations with their foreign partners.

In a constantly evolving global landscape, we are convinced that it is crucial to keep up with the innovations introduced at national and international level, taking care of the training of company personnel.

Our approach to business education is based on in-depth knowledge of relevant national laws and international treaties. We maintain a constant vision of regulatory developments and best practices in the field to ensure our customers timely and cutting-edge assistance.

  • Multidisciplinary Expertise: We combine legal, business and international expertise to offer a comprehensive service.
  • Legal Security: We guarantee a solid legal basis to protect the interests of our clients.
  • Personalized Assistance: Each contract is treated with personalized attention, reflecting the specific needs and objectives of the customer.